Marine Science Courses & Requirements

Degrees Offered:

  • Minor: Marine Science

Course Listings

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Degree Overview:

Wittenberg's minor in marine science is designed for students who want a solid foundation in the field. A fundamental goal of the minor is to allow students to explore the interdisciplinary nature of marine science and the connections among its subdisciplines. If you pursue the minor, you will take courses in Marine Ecology, Oceanography, and Physical or Environmental Geology, as well as other electives. In addition to coursework, you will participate in a marine field experience and conduct a research project or other significant work on a marine topic. Many students who minor in marine science major in biology, environmental science or geology, and the minor especially benefits those students interested in pursuing graduate work in a marine-related field. However, the minor is available to students in any major with interest in marine science.

Degree Requirements:

Minor in Marine Science

At least 22 credits, including:

2 core courses:

  • MRSC 200 Oceanography
  • BIOL 247 Marine Ecology

At least 8 credits of courses beyond the core courses must be from outside the student's major department.

1 Introductory Geology Course:

  • GEOL 150 Physical Geology OR
  • GEOL 160 Environmental Geology

At least 8 additional credits with marine content (can include directed research or independent study)

A marine field experience, such as:

  • Extended field studies
  • Bahamas summer program
  • Duke University Marine Laboratory semester program
  • Summer internship or research program at a marine laboratory or in a marine or coastal setting

A marine research project or other significant professional experience such as:

  • On-campus project during the academic year
  • Wittenberg's Bahamas summer program
  • Duke University Marine Laboratory semester program
  • Summer research internship at a marine laboratory
  • Internship with government agency
  • Other appropriate activity as approved by the Marine Science Committee
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