Service Opportunities

Project Requests

We often receive requests from the community asking for help with special projects. If these requests count for requirement hours for students enrolled in CMSV 100 during the time of the project, then it will be stated within the description. If you or your group or organization is interested in any of the special service requests, please contact or (937) 327-7523.

Service Immersion Trips

Service immersion trips that want to be considered as a Community Service 100 service opportunity take on the special responsibility of offering an experience that supports the mission of Community Service.

CMSV 100 Service Immersion Trip Guidelines:

Participation in a service immersion experience offered during break times must be sponsored by a Wittenberg organization/department. A student must be registered for CMSV 100 during the semester that the trip is offered and meet all the requirements of the course. For a service immersion experience to count for CMSV 100, it must also offer participants who want to use this experience to complete their community service requirement an engagement experience in the local community (typically a minimum of 3 hours and in most cases, this local engagement experience should be completed prior to the trip).

The deadline for the trip coordinators from a Wittenberg organization or department to submit a Service Immersion Trip Proposal for spring break is in mid-October and in mid-January for summer.

Spring Break 2019

Students planning on applying for a trip and who want to use it for Community Service 100, must register for CMSV 100 during the Spring 2019 semester. Students who use this experience for CMSV 100 will also do a a local engagement experience (typically a minimum of 3 hours and planned by the Community Service staff) during the spring semester.

Service Immersion Spring Break 2019 Informational Meeting- Monday, November 5th at 7:00, 201 Shouvlin

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