Community Partners

Partnerships are the cornerstone of the Hagen Center. Whether it is through direct service, internships, off-campus student employment, community engaged teaching, or research, our partners play a major role in the education of Wittenberg students and we are grateful for the opportunities they provide.

The Hagen Center celebrates our distinct, urban environment. Springfield is a real city facing many of the same challenges as cities across the nation. Working in the community allows Wittenberg students to experience the challenges and rewards of trying to make positive change in their community. 


Engage Springfield Community Dashboard

Wittenberg & Springfield: Continued Community Partnership

In an effort to further expand and focus our commitment to Springfield, and to provide hands-on learning experiences for our students, Wittenberg has developed a community dashboard.

The Engage Springfield Community Dashboard pulls together data from a variety of sources to give a picture of Springfield and Clark County using commonly used metrics collected by public organizations.

Developed by Dr. Ed Hasecke, with contributions from Wittenberg faculty and students, the goal of the Engage Springfield Community Dashboard is to make data about our community easily available to facilitate research, grant-writing, and goal-setting.
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