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Spring Internship Program

The spring internship is a 15-week, credit-bearing program designed to provide students with practical experience in their field of study, personal area of interest, or future career path. Spring interns are expected to work approximately 7-10 hours per week in accordance with university policy. During the internship, students will work under the guidance of Wittenberg University faculty and/or Greater Springfield community leaders.

  • Students must have a GPA of 2.0+. Any Wittenberg student with 64 completed credits may apply.
  • The Spring 2019 Hagen Center Internship will run from Sunday, January 6, until Tuesday, May 2.
  • Final presentations will take place Tuesday, May 2.
  • For information, questions, or concerns, contact Samantha Strich at (937) 327-7936 or

What Students are Saying

“I believe this internship was the stepping stone for my career. I have met and connected with so many people, it is much appreciated.”

“This experience taught me how to better communicate when helping others, different practices to use, and tools that can apply to any type of work I will continue doing in the future.”

What Partner Sites are Saying

“Interns have always been the single greatest component of our program and have influenced many of the improvements that we have undertaken!”

“They (interns) were the most vital part of our organization. They worked with our children on a daily basis, for the whole day and ran the entire programing component!”

Information for Students

  • Spring interns can earn academic credit
  • Students are expected to attend the Hagen Center pre-internship orientation, tour of Greater Springfield, weekly reflection sessions, final internship presentations, and complete pre and post surveys

2019 Hagen Center Spring Internship Descriptions

Information for Partner Sites

  • There is no cost incurred for partner sites to compensate student interns for their work
  • Each internship must set goals and meet project criteria while hosting a spring intern
  • Partner Sites will be involved in the interview and selection process for interns
  • Submit a proposal to be a Spring Internship Partner Site
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