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Sarah K. Fortner, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, climate change,
environmental geochemistry, nutrient
and trace element cycling
BDK Science Center 125B
(937) 327-7328

Dr. Fortner's Personal Website

Motivation: My mission is to promote the sustainability of earth resources for future generations. I actively engage in student-centered (non-lecture) classrooms and in transdisciplinary (biology-geology-chemistry) research on soil and water. Presently, I am creating Agricultural Sustainability curriculum through a national-level grant (NSF InTeGrate) that will be widely disseminated to other earth and environmental scientists. Additionally, I'm investigating agricultural soil-water sustainability with the Agroecosystem Critical Zone Research Cluster, OSU. My desire to sustain earth resources was inspired by investigating glacier snow and melt from polar, tropical, and temperate regions. The fragile nature of earth is evident in their magnificence, their remoteness, and their melt.

Teaching Interests: inquiry-based teaching, climate literacy, community engagement. My goal is to improve student and research understanding of critical biogeochemical interactions at the earth's surface. Students in my classes are involved in K-12 outreach at COSI (science museum) and work on community environmental issues. This includes partnering with Lead Safe in Environmental Science Methods (ES 200). Please contact me if you have environmental problems that might be of interest to my students, I'm always looking to grow partnerships that connect students with job-like experiences.


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