Interdepartmental Programs

The department of sociology, itself an inter-disciplinary enterprise that unites sociology and anthropology, also cooperates in a large number of interdepartmental programs. Course offerings in the department contribute to the curriculum in several programs, and department faculty members are active in programs in East Asian Studies, International Studies, Women's Studies, African and Diaspora Studies, and a range of international programs. The department also provides significant support, though not as extensive, for the program in Environmental Science.

Consistent with the international emphasis of many of its faculty, the department encourages students to experience international living and learning through study abroad, and its faculty serve on the International Education Committee.

Whether or not they focus on international issues, the department of sociology also assists many students in developing and carrying out specialized interdepartmental majors. Current and recent examples include majors focusing on inter-disciplinary study of minority relations, third world women, ethnic studies and African American studies.

Finally, the support of the department for the Honors Program should be mentioned. The faculty members of the department occasionally offer Honors Seminars on topics related to sociology or anthropology, and frequently serve on the Honors Program Committee.

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