Readmission Process

We are excited to hear you are planning to return to Wittenberg! Many students re-enroll throughout their college experience and our goal is to make that process as simple as possible. Below you will see frequently asked questions regarding readmission as well as a link to the application and contact information for the Admission representative who is there to assist you in the process.

Wittenberg welcomes and encourages once enrolled students who wish to complete their degrees to reapply to Wittenberg through our Readmission Application. It is a fairly short application, and should not take long to complete.

Lindsey Stevens is the admission counselor who will guide you through the readmission process. She is available to answer any questions. Feel free to send her an email or call; most questions regarding readmission can be answered via phone or email without a trip to campus required.

Her contact information is:
Fax: (937) 327-6379
Phone: (937) 327-6368
Cell: (937) 408-9252

Please complete the Readmission Application

Students will need to be cleared for readmission through the Dean of Students, Academic Services, and Student Financial Services. Once all offices clear a student, communication will happen via email provided on the application, and the next steps for housing and registration will be communicated.

Students who were placed on academic probation or academic suspension will also have to be cleared through the Board of Academic Standards.

Any outstanding account balances must be rectified in order to readmit.

All Readmission Students will be evaluated through the Clearinghouse, in order to verify college attendance at any other institutions.

Students who have attended other universities during their time away from Wittenberg will be required to submit an official transcript from each university. A Transfer Conduct Report will also be required from each university. Please submit your request for the Transfer Conduct Report here.

The process could take up to 3 weeks to complete, so please plan ahead. We work hard to help all students but it does take time to gather information needed to readmit a student to Wittenberg.

Readmitted students can register for classes during the Open Registration Period (mid-November for January starting students and mid-April for August-starting students) You will work with our Registrar's Office to complete class registration. Housing will be assigned once a student is registered for classes.

Readmission application due dates:

  • For January/Spring start: December 1
  • For August/Fall start: August 1

From Office of the Provost, Academic Policies: / Also, Student Handbook, Academic Information:

Students who withdraw from the college or who have been asked to withdraw are eligible to apply for readmission upon completion of a formal application for readmission. Click here to complete the application forms. The completed applications must be received by the Admission office at least four weeks before the beginning of the semester in which reapplication is sought.

Adult Education and Graduate Students applying for readmission should complete the same readmission application listed above.

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