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Who is my academic advisor?

At Wittenberg University your academic advisor is the faculty member who teaches your first-year seminar. In addition, the first-year seminar offers a team of advising support through a professional staff member and a peer mentor.

What kind of assistance do they offer?

Your academic advisor can assist you in exploring a major/minor, selecting courses, exploring an internship, study abroad and opportunities for involvement outside of the classroom. They can offer professional/vocational advice and function as a reference and/or write letters of recommendation.

Will my first-year seminar advisor be my advisor throughout my four years?

If you declare your major in the same department, you may stay with the same advisor, if however, you declare a major in a different department, you will be assigned a new advisor by the chair of your major department.

What if my advisor is not on campus this semester?

Your advisor or chair of the department should communicate who is your acting advisor for the semester/year.

How do I get in touch with my advisor or make an appointment?

Email is usually the best way to contact your faculty advisor.  If you are aware of their office hours, that can also be a good time for quick questions, obtaining signatures, etc. 

Can I change advisors?

Yes, every department has an Advisor Change Form

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