Ashley Belkofer Senior Art Thesis 2021

Ashley Belkofer

Let’s Talk About It: A Campaign for Social Change
Digital and print media

Graphic design is an influential industry, having the power to visually convey a message and provide solutions that can ease our communication. As a graphic designer I have a responsibility to help others share their messages and to create things that bring people together. Along with being passionate about graphic design, I am also passionate about mental health. One in four people will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their life but battling a mental illness can cause people to feel as if they are suffering alone. My goal was to change that reality. The message for my senior thesis is driven by a desire to educate others on the realities of mental health as well as create a conversation for people to share their experiences surrounding mental health. I designed both a book and a website titled Let’s Talk About It: Mental Health for College Students which includes information regarding mental health, resources in Springfield available to students, and testimonies of students on Wittenberg’s campus. I also designed two posters which could be placed around university campuses to bring more awareness to mental health. Lastly, I designed two stickers which say “mental health matters” because of their ability to share a valuable message by simply being placed on laptops, water bottles, etc. My desire for this thesis is to bring awareness to mental health and help others know they are not alone.

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