Casey Luther Senior Art Thesis 2021

Casey Luther
Porcelain, light fixtures, dark walnut
Pendant lights: $40
Lamps: $100

The work that I create is most commonly thrown on the wheel. I really love the feel of the smooth clay in my hands when throwing and this has led me to a love of porcelain. This clay is really fun to work on mastering because of its more delicate existence. It is very flexible on the wheel but cannot be pushed to make extreme shapes as easily and the drying process is much faster so it requires a lot of attention to get from a ball of wet clay to a fully fired form.

Ceramics allow me to work with my hands and maintain a physical and visual productivity that is essential to my feeling of accomplishment or satisfaction at the end of the day. I simply wouldn’t be satisfied without the ability to use my hands and create in my everyday life and ceramics is the perfect outlet for this need. It also pushes me to be more creative while following a strict schedule which helps me stay grounded. You learn to work with the clay and follow its schedule as opposed to your own.

My work here is an exploration into the world of light, wood, and ceramics. I tried to test out as many ways of altering the clay to best be accented by and accent the light that it would contain in its final form as a pendant light, table lamp, or lighting feature. I didn’t realize at the onset of this project what a can of worms I was opening but it has helped push me down a path full of opportunities that I still have yet to take.

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