Hannah Petty Senior Art Thesis 2021

Hannah Petty
Barn Quilts Across Ohio & Kentucky
Artist’s book and archival inkjet prints

In my senior thesis, entitled Barn Quilts Across Ohio & Kentucky, I use a digital camera to capture these unique designs, but I am also particularly interested in the way black and white photography contrasts with the colored photos and choose to use a film camera in my process as well. The photos on the walls are only a few from the collection I have compiled within the book below. Many of the quilts I have captured have unique stories behind them, having to do with why they were created or what they represent. Many of the quilts have rich histories that can be traced back hundreds of years, and some are only put up because someone loved the look of the design. As I went to photograph the barns, I enjoyed being able to talk to the owners to find out as much as I can. I love being able to tell these stories through my photographs as well as in my book. My choice of subject comes from my interest in the things around me that may be overlooked by others. This collection of photographs and stories comes from my desire to let others experience the things I find so raw and beautiful.

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