Jacob Mortensen Senior Art Thesis 2021

Jacob Mortensen
Century Craft
Digital and print media

For this project, I have designed a collection of furniture and a catalog displaying it. I wanted to combine the 3D design software that I had been using for jewelry design with what I had been learning in my graphic design classes. Due to the pandemic, I had and have been spending a lot more time indoors, thinking about how the inside of my house actually looks and feels. I realized that I simply just do not like or use some of my furniture. I decided to dive in and learn everything that I could about furniture. The Mid Century Modern minimalist aesthetic has come back into style due to its combination of straight-forwardness and attractive look. Because of this, I chose to design a collection of Mid Century Modern furniture, and a modern company to go along with it. The furniture is designed to be comfortable and supportive, as well as being items that you would actually want to have in your home. They all fit together to form a cohesive collection, and are housed in a good looking minimalist booklet. Grounded in mid century and minimalist aesthetics, this project is the culmination of my journey into the design of furniture. Thank you very much for viewing!

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