Kimmey Mugford Senior Art Thesis 2021

Kimmey Mugford
Taste the Rainbow
Oil on canvas
$1200 each

My oil paintings were created with equal attention paid to the material process of painting and the aesthetic statements about the final product. I enjoy seeing evidence of the creative journey that takes place when paintings are made, and they can be seen as a metaphor for the same journey that all humans experience in their daily lives. People make decisions every day, and those decisions contribute to their journey as individuals. This is similar to my paintings. Every canvas and composition has evolved through multiple decisions are made up front before the construction starts, and hundreds are made during the painting process. This makes every one of my paintings unique, even when there are numerous similarities between each painting in this series. Although the general process and subject matter can be replicated, the outcome and final image(s) will always be different and unique.

My senior thesis “Taste the Rainbow” takes a contemporary look at the traditional subject matter of still life. I was inspired by traditional still life and what it would look like using a 21st century aesthetic. In this body of artwork, there is notable change in the color palette, the point of view, the composition, and design. Overall, this gives a livelier appearance to still life. Allowing the visible pencil lines in the paintings are a window into my process. The things I thought about while creating this body of work, today, will be different upon looking back on reflection tomorrow.

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