Senior Art Thesis
By Claudia Rieth

Claudia ArtworkDesign is a powerful form of communication. It is a way to get people to listen visually, without verbally speaking a word. Design allows people to hear your message in a new and different way. As a designer, it is my job to effectively communicate that message, whatever it may be, in an understandable way.

The message behind my own senior thesis is driven by the desire to educate, inspire, and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. As a member of the community myself, I want to effectively communicate my message in a way that will be easy to understand for the general public. By creating a brand campaign that includes posters and package designs, I hope to open up the conversation about the LGBTQ+ community in a unique way. If these designs were real and placed in a grocery store the poster advertisements would ideally be displayed in different areas throughout it. In order to make sure the products could also be found all throughout the store, I created designs for food products, personal care items, and cleaning supply products. If Pridefull was a real brand a portion of the profits would go directly towards non-profit organizations such as GLSEN and The Trevor Project that both work towards helping and saving the lives of LGBTQ+ individuals every day.

The intent was to create more visibility for the LGBTQ+ community in an unexpected way. In all honesty, soup cans don’t have any direct relation to the LGBTQ+ community. But that’s where the element of surprise comes into play. My target audience wasn’t necessarily the LGBTQ+ community, but rather those who remain in the dark. I intended to enlighten the individuals who may be less accepting of this specific group of minorities, while at the same time, working towards inspiring fellow LGBTQ+ members. I wanted to show that there is nothing to be ashamed of, and there is no reason to be anything besides unapologetically “Pridefull” in every aspect of life.

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