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Academic Programs

At Wittenberg, students can major in various areas and tie their language study to future careers in business, science, via the CLAC program and international internship or experiential opportunities. Academic departments with a focus on preparing students for life as global citizens include:

East Asian Studies: In addition to Chinese language, Wittenberg's East Asian Studies (EAS) program offers a wide range of courses in Chinese and Japanese literature, history, political science, religion, business, psychology, and communication.

International Studies: The international studies program (INTL) at Wittenberg embodies the liberal arts in a fundamental way, with its emphasis on the interdisciplinary study of international and global affairs through the examination of cultural, political, social and economic affairs in the international arena.

World Languages and Cultures: Using film, newspaper articles, political speeches and magazine articles as resources, Wittenberg students learn about culture as they study the language, gaining a greater language proficiency and a more profound cultural insight.

  • Chinese - The Chinese minor is designed to give students a solid foundation in the Chinese language and the skills to thrive in a Chinese language environment.
  • German - A comprehensive set of courses enables students to hone their language skills while exploring German culture through a range of topics, including film, history, natural sciences, religion, literature and translation.
  • Spanish - Students learn language skills while exploring Spanish and Latin-American culture through a range of courses in literature, contemporary issues and the physical world.

Academic Resources

In addition, Wittenberg offers a wide range of support resources that aid in each student's academic journey. Academic resources with a focus on preparing students for life as global citizens include:

Language Learning Center: The Language Learning Center is a place to explore language and culture by accessing software and literature from around the world with the help of trained tutors.

International Education & Study Abroad: Wittenberg students annually travel the world, and we welcome students from across the globe to experience a first-rate liberal arts education on our vibrant and beautiful campus in Springfield. The Office of International Education facilitates both incoming and outgoing students, with the goal of enhancing the educational experience for all.

Cultures and Language Across the Curriculum: Wittenberg offers a distinctive, nationally recognized Cultures and Language Across the Curriculum Program (CLAC) that allows students to use their language skills in a wide variety of disciplines.

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