History Departmental Honors

I. Selection of the student

A student may be selected for departmental honors in history, upon the nomination of any department member, usually in the latter part of spring semester of the student's junior year. The departmental nominator should discuss the nomination with the student beforehand.

Approval will come upon vote of the department.

II. Criteria

The nominator and department will consider (but are not limited to) the following:

  • cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher
  • record in departmental courses and related fields
  • evidence of maturity and independence
  • a minimum of six courses completed in history

The nominator should also submit an explanation of the benefits to the student from participation in the program.

III. Supervisory Committee

After approving the student's participation in the program, the department shall designate a committee of three faculty members, two from the history department and one from another department, to supervise the student's program. Normally the nominator will become the director for the student's project. The student may participate in the selection of the committee. The committee will report on the student's progress to the department.

IV. The Honors Project

Statement of the Project

A 1-2 page prospectus of the project must be available at the time of nomination. Course credit of up to 10 credits may be awarded. Depth, breadth and the estimated time for completion will serve as criteria for the department's determination of maximum allowable course credit for the project.

Final Project

The project must be submitted no later than the seventh week of the spring semester of the student's senior year. It must be in acceptable form, using Turabian and professional standards for a piece of historical work, and must be defended orally.

Approval by the committee and subsequent approval by the department will be forwarded to the registrar for recording on the student's transcript.

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