History Internships

An internship is a good way for a major to earn credit while gaining valuable work experience. It is an opportunity to try out the possibilities of a career before committing one's life to it. The internship need not be directly related to history. Students have earned credit interning in art galleries, radio stations, retail stores, law firms and courtrooms as well as museums, historical societies and archives.

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  • 10 hours per week to the internship
  • keep a journal of the experience
  • write a paper which reflects on the relationship between the skills he or she has developed as a history major and the work of the internship

Recent Local Internship Experiences

  • Clark County Historical Society
  • Springfield Museum of Art
  • NAACP (Columbus Office)
  • African-American Museum at Wilberforce
  • Johnston Farms
  • Law firms
  • Brokerage firms
  • Marriott Dining Services
  • Springfield Bar and Law Library
  • Hometown Potato Chip Co.
  • Motorcycle Heritage Museum
  • WWCD 101.1FM

One student's experience:

Amber Stahl ('15) worked with Professor McCants, a History professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), on studying the economic and quantitative approaches to the study of the European past and the study the various economic dimensions of cathedral building in the high middle ages. She will be trying to reconstruct where possible the financial underpinning and timing of Gothic cathedral construction in the Paris Basin, Norman England and elsewhere in France, the Low Countries and Scandinavia. The project will also assess the social overhead capital embodied in cathedral building and seek to make welfare assessments for this type of expenditure versus other possible investment or consumption opportunities. Amber will be going through sermons and looking at the cathedrals themselves.

Off-Campus Experiences:

The Washington Semester Program is a program where students have interned with the White House, executive agencies, interest groups, media organizations and on Capitol Hill. This program permits students to go to Washington, D.C., to study and do internships in the government or with an interest group. If you're interested in Wittenberg's Washington Semester Program, be advised that there are opportunities for fall, spring and summer semesters. Minimum requirements include an overall GPA of 2.8. Preference will be given to upperclass students.

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