History Courses & Requirements

Degrees Offered:

  • B.A.: History
  • Minor: History

Course Listings

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Degree Overview

History Major: Thirty-six (36) credits in History: eight (8) credits in 100-level courses; eight (8) credits in 200-level courses; HIST 204; twelve (12) credits in 300-level courses; and HIST 411. In addition, history majors must take one intermediate course in Languages (Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian or Spanish).

History Minor: 20 credits in History: two courses at the 100/200 level; two courses at the 300/400 level; and another course at any level

Integrated Social Studies Major: Requirements for students seeking Integrated Social Studies Teaching Licensure: Thirty-six (36) credits, distributed as follows: HIST 106, 121 (or equivalent course), 122 or 127, 204, and one additional course at the 200 level; three courses at the 300 level; and HIST 411. One of these nine courses must examine the pre-modern era. Students must also complete four semesters hours of foreign language at the intermediate level. Note: this major is only available to students completing integrated social studies teaching licensure. Students should consult the EDUC department for EDUC and related area requirement.

Required Tools of the Trade:

All majors are required to own a copy of the latest edition of Kate L. Turabian's A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations. All upper-level classes require students to use Chicago Manual of Style (footnote/endnote form) for paper citation.

Major in History

Overall: Thirty-six (36) credits in History: eight credits (8) in 100-level courses, eight credits (8) in 200-level courses; HIST 204; twelve (12) credits at the 300 level; and HIST411 (4 credits). Also required is a Foreign Language cognate consisting of four (4) credits beyond the general education competency level. The Foreign Language cognate should not be taken pass/fail.

* Degree also requires attendance at 5 (five) History Department Colloquia

Lower-Level Courses

  • First 100-level survey
  • Second 100-level survey
  • First 200-level survey       
  • Second 200-level survey
  • HIST 204: Historical Methods (Topical) open only to sophomore, declared History majors

Upper-Level Courses

  • 300-level
  • 300-level
  • 300-level
  • 411: Senior Seminar


  • Foreign Languages (one intermediate course beyond 112)

Minor in History

20 credits, with 2.0 GPA in history, taken with approval of department advisor

  • 100/200-level course
  • 100/200-level course
  • 300/400-level course
  • 300/400-level course
  • another course on any level
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