History Faculty & Staff

Contact Information:

Hollenbeck Hall 302
(937) 327-7836

Department Chair

Christian Raffensperger

Christian Raffensperger, Ph.D.
Department Chair and Professor of History
Director of Pre-Modern & Ancient World Studies 

Medieval Europe, Russia
Hollenbeck Hall 311
(937) 327-7843

Department Assistant


Peggy Kessler
Department Academic Assistant
Hollenbeck Hall 302
(937) 327-7836

Faculty & Staff

Scott Rosenberg

Scott Rosenberg, Ph.D.
Professor of History, Honorary Consul for the Kingdom of Lesotho
H.O. Hirt Professor of History
Director of Peace Corps Prep Program

Sub-Saharan Africa
Hollenbeck Hall 305
(937) 327-7846

Thomas T. Taylor

Thomas T. Taylor, Ph.D.
Professor of History
Early U.S., Public History
Hollenbeck Hall 301
(937) 327-7849

Molly Wood

Molly Wood, Ph.D.
Professor of History
Modern U.S. and Diplomatic History
Hollenbeck Hall 314
(937) 327-7844

Emeriti Faculty


Robert Cutler, Ph.D.
Years of Service: 1958-99


Robert Hartje
Deceased (Years of Service: 1956-88)


Albert Hayden
Deceased (Years of Service: 1954-94)

Jim Huffman

James Huffman, Ph.D.
Years of Service: 1958-99


Richard Ortquist, Ph.D.
Deceased (Years of Service: 1964-99)


Joseph O'Connor, Ph.D.
Years of Service: 1967-2006

Robert Smith

Robert Smith, M.A.
Years of Service: 1977-78, 1982-83, 1987-88, 1991-92, 1993-2000 (11 years total)


Cynthia Behrman
Deceased (Years of Service: 1965-93)


Paul Bloomhardt
Deceased (Years of Service: 1925-56)


Peter Celms
Deceased (Years of Service: 1962-98)


Charles Chatfield
Deceased (Years of Service: 1961-99)


Margaret Ermarth
Deceased (Years of Service: 1953-74)

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