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Wittenberg University's Marine Science program offers many opportunities for field study, which are practical, hands-on experiences that often lead to more extensive collaborative research projects with faculty members. One of the most popular field study experiences takes place in The Bahamas.

Today was our last full day at the Gerace Research Center on San Salvador, Bahamas. We began the day welcoming the massive number of new students from the United Kingdom, and then heading to a breakfast of delicious blueberry muffins and eggs.
On the 18th day at the GRC, we awoke to the glorious smell of pancakes and bacon. After breakfast, we explored the wilderness surrounding the GRC. We used team work to identify different kinds of plants and their roles in the ecological system.
Today was the last pancake and bacon breakfast we will have on San Salvador. After breakfast the group divided into two snorkeling groups; one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
We started off our morning with scrambled eggs, blueberry muffins, and cinnamon raisin bagels. Due to the beautiful sunny weather we decided to spend the entire day out in the field. We left around our usual time of 9 a.m.
Today was quite an eventful day. The first site we visited is called Sue Point, just north of Bonefish Bay and Club Med. It is a shallower reef closer to shore than most of the other site we have visited.
Hello everyone! Jess and Taylor here, reporting to you after our work day! The day started at 7:30 AM today, with French toast and mini sausage links for breakfast. After breakfast, we gathered in the classroom to discuss our plans for the day.
Today, Sunday June 12th, we all awoke to the sound of our alarms so we could eat breakfast. Just kidding, we all awoke to the painful bites of a thousand no-see-ums.
This morning, the flamingo tongue group and social feather duster group went to Snapshot Reef, which is right next to Telephone Pole reef, to conduct our projects.
Today we started off the day with the classic eggs and bacon breakfast here at the GRC.  It is always refreshing to start of the day with a fresh made island breakfast.
Hey guys! Julia and Kaitlyn here.
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