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Internships & Off-Campus Opportunities

Students may apply for these internships by responding to the attached materials. We will interview and select participants for these internships. Students may register for them in a department with a departmental advisor in the usual way or register for credit in Urban Studies with Dr. Copeland as their advisor.

Students may design an internship in the usual manner but add on participation in the orientation, weekly sessions and final presentation of the Hagen Center. We assume that the design for these internships and the assignment of credit will involve a faculty advisor in the appropriate department or program. The Hagen Center will require that one credit assigned to the internship be designated as requiring full participation in these Hagen Center elements in order to assure that students feel a responsibility to participate fully. Students choosing this option will need to apply for inclusion in the Hagen Center program once they have designed their internship in consultation with a faculty member of the department or program where the internship is to receive academic credit.

Since Wittenberg, I have received a wonderful opportunity to work with City Year in Columbus. City Year is an international non-profit organization where young adults dedicate a year of service to help the students who are at risk of dropping out of high school and work towards ending the drop out crisis. City Year is a great program for students who are unsure of where they want to go after graduation, want a gap year before Grad school, or are still trying to pay for undergrad. Part of my job is to recruit Corps Members for next year. Interested students can contact me directly. Thank you, Erica Pence

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