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GUIDE: Academic Skills Program

GUIDE is an academic skills program that meets once a week for 6 weeks as a workshop for academic skill development in the following areas: time management, studying, note-taking, reading comprehension, goal setting, stress management, and test-taking.

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  • Week One: Plan your work and work your plan! Being able to manage your time effectively is crucial to your success, but everybody has a different combination of commitments they have to juggle. Finding the right balance, and sticking to a plan, are the key strategies that successful students use. Week one focuses on building a realistic schedule, planning ahead, and evaluating the barriers to managing your time effectively.

  • Week Two: Lecture notes are powerful tools for academic success, but only if you know how to take them. In this session, we will evaluate your current note-taking practices and discuss other methods that may improve your retention of information.

  • Week Three: Identify your learning style and discover how to tailor your studying to make the most of your time. With each learning preference comes a set of study habits that can improve how you handle your college work load. You'll be surprised at how many methods there are to make your studying easier and more effective.

  • Week Four: Learn how to identify relevant information from reading assignments and take notes to maximize learning so you don’t wind up reading a textbook without remembering any of the information you just read. This week will focus on reading comprehension through using the SQ3R method.

  • Week Five: As you prepare for papers that require academic sources, become more familiar with all that the library has to offer. You will get exposure to the article database and how to use it. In addition, we will practice evaluating credible sources and discussing how you might use each resource.

  • Week Six: Tests are hard enough without the anxiety and stress that comes with them. In this session, we’ll discuss ways to manage your stress and stay cool-headed while taking exams. In addition, we'll highlight some ways to prepare for your tests and tips for test-taking based on the testing format.

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