Life and AD&D Insurance

The university provides Basic Life and AD&D insurance to all active full-time employees on the first day of the month on or after your date of hire.  Coverage is provided through MetLife. This benefit is fully funded by the university, and the value of the insurance is one and one half times the employee's annual salary, rounded to the next highest thousand. Optional supplemental life insurance is available, at the employee's expense. Enrollment for the optional life insurance is available within 31 days of hire or during the annual open enrollment period, usually in late October. 

Included with the Basic Life and AD&D coverage are the following services:

Included with the Supplemental Life coverage(s) are the following services:

Beneficiary Designation/Change form for Life and AD&D

Electing Supplemental/Voluntary Life coverage(s):

New Hire Elections: Within 30 days of hire date, newly hired employees can elect up to $100,000 in supplemental coverage on their own lives and up to $30,000 in supplemental coverage on their spouse's life without submitting Statement of Health (SOH) paperwork.

Annual Enrollment Elections:  Employees with current, in-force supplemental life coverage can increase one increment of 10k up to the guaranteed issue amount of 100,000 during Annual Enrollment periods without submitting Statement of Health paperwork. See the examples below.

  1. Employee currently has $50,000 in voluntary life and elects to increase to 60,000. This change does not require Statement of Health.
  2. Employee has the guaranteed issue of $100,000 and wants to increase to $110,000.  A Statement of Health is required because coverage exceeds the guaranteed issue amount.
  3. Employee wants to increase more than one $10,000 increment.  Statement of Health is required even if employee’s current coverage is below the guaranteed issue.  For instance, employee has $20,000 and wants $100,000.  Since they are electing more than one 1 increment of 10k Statement of Health is required. 
  4. Employees without current supplemental coverage wishing to enroll in supplemental coverage(s) during Annual Enrollment periods must complete Statement of Health to newly elect any amount. 

Coverage classes are:

  • Class 1 - University President
  • Class 2 - Active full time employees, excluding president, shared faculty, and non-exempt employees
  • Class 3 - Active shared faculty employees
  • Class 4 - Active full time non-exempt employees.

Life Insurance Certificates

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