Relocation Benefit

New full-time faculty and administrative staff members who are moving to within (45) forty-five miles of Wittenberg are eligible for the relocation benefit*. The university financially assists by providing a taxable, lump-sum payment for moving expenses determined by the distance from the current permanent residence to the new permanent residence as follows:

  • 46 - 300 miles:  $1,000
  • 301 - 600 miles: $1,500
  • 601 - 900 miles: $2,000
  • 901 - 1,200 miles: $2,500
  • 1201+ miles: $3,000

To claim reimbursement for relocation expenses, the individual must complete & submit a Relocation Request for Payment Form to the Human Resources Department. All applicable income and employment taxes will be deducted from the payment, and the payment will be reported as taxable wages on the W-2. For tax purposes, the employee should retain documentation of all moving expenses.

Additional details can be found in the Staff Manual.

*The benefit is not available to employees already living within 45 miles of the university
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