Summer Casual Dress Policy

During the summer, when students, parents and visitors generally are not on campus, and on most Fridays throughout the year, a more casual and informal work dress code is allowed. The casual dress timeframe starts the Monday following Commencement and ends the Monday before New Student Days begin.

The primary objective is to allow staff members to take advantage of a more casual dress code while still projecting a neat and professional image. Staff are expected to consider each day's activities when determining what to wear and should refrain from casual dress when the university is hosting special events such as the Board of Directors meeting or Baccalaureate. When you are hosting meetings, you should either refrain from wearing casual attire, or let your visitors know in advance about the university's casual dress option.

The university dress code policy is an effort to establish some broad parameters, however, because most departments and offices have at least some uniqueness in terms of operating needs and there are work areas where the casual day attire must be dressier than in other areas or where uniforms are required, supervisors are responsible for interpreting and enforcing the dress code in their areas of responsibility. This includes counseling staff whose appearance is inappropriate. Please consult with your supervisor if you are uncertain about the dress standards in your office.

Casual business wear includes pieces such as polo and cotton shirts, sweaters, and khaki pants. Regardless of the item, it is essential to avoid wearing anything to the office that is excessively worn, frayed, or wrinkled. The following is a list of guidelines that sets the general parameters for proper casual business wear. This list is not intended to be all-inclusive. A good rule of thumb is that if you are not sure something is acceptable, choose something else.

  • Slacks - Blue jeans will be permitted provided they are not faded, torn or otherwise damaged. Blue jeans should not be worn on the Friday of Board meetings. Inappropriate items include sweatpants, bib overalls, short shorts, beachwear, workout attire, spandex or other form-fitting pants.
  • Shirts - Casual shirts, golf shirts, and sweaters are acceptable. Seasonal tops i.e. Christmas designs, Halloween and other such holidays are acceptable. Wittenberg logo shirts are acceptable. Inappropriate items include tank tops, halter-tops, and shirts with novelty designs i.e. musical groups and other commercial ventures.
  • Dresses and Skirts - Casual dresses and skirts, and jean skirts, are acceptable. Inappropriate items include mini-skirts and thin-strap dresses.
  • Footwear - Athletic shoes, loafers, flats, dress sandals, and leather deck shoes are acceptable. Flip-flops and sandals with full open-toe should not be worn for safety reasons.
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