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Bahamas Field Study Blog

Wittenberg University's Marine Science program offers many opportunities for field study, which are practical, hands-on experiences that often lead to more extensive collaborative research projects with faculty members. One of the most popular field study experiences takes place in The Bahamas.

This morning started with sleepy eyes and tired bodies from circumnavigating the whole of San Salvador.
Blackwood Bay
Greetings to all of our blog readers! Today was filled with shallow waters and intertidal zones! We started off our day by eating a hardy meal which consisted of French toast and sausage.
Editor's note:  sorry for the delay in posting--this is Saturday's post but we have been having some connectivity issues with the blog.  They are resolved so we should be back to daily posts.
Today was the ninth day of our Bahamian adventure at the Gerace Research Centre and we started our research projects today.
After starting our day with a pancake breakfast, we hopped onto the truck and headed to North Point. We hiked over rock, through water, and through small beaches to reach our destination.
We began our adventure, loading the trucks to go to Bonefish bay. We arrived at 9:12AM and were greeted with a lovely partly sunny sky and 83.5°F. This morning, it was low tide and some of the rocks were exposed.
After our beautiful sunny day yesterday, we awoke this morning to cloudy skies foreshadowing the rain and storm we were going to get later in the morning. Walking to the cafeteria we could smell freshly made French toast.
Today we awoke to a beautiful sunny day, with a calm ocean breeze here on the Island of San Salvador. We were given the morning site visit off due to it being Sunday.
Apparently, we Wittenberg students accidently brought the unpredictable Ohio weather to the island of San Salvador. Today we began our 3rd full day here with pouring rain.
Hi everyone! Welcome to our first student blog post! Our names our Andrew Tengen and Samuel Bott. Today we were able to embark on our first ocean snorkeling adventure to Grahams Harbor and Singer’s Point.
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