4-Year BSN: Student-Athletes

Wittenberg's nursing program director is a prior college student-athlete who fully understands the dual commitments to academics and athletics. With careful advance planning and a commitment to support we believe that student-athletes can thrive in this field of study.

The Nursing program is committed to student-athlete success. We work with your coaches to design the best academic program given student-athletes' obligations for practice, travel, and competition. In general, efforts are made to schedule academic experiences around athletic practice but it is understood that academic obligations take precedence over athletic practice. However, when a student-athlete is traveling or competing the individual is considered to be on official university leave; in this instance every effort is made to accommodate the student-athlete’s absence.

Student-athletes are generally highly intelligent, goal-directed, hard-working individuals - a great fit for the profession of nursing.

About 40 percent of the current Nursing students are student-athletes. We are proud to have successful nursing students from nearly every Wittenberg sport.

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