4-Year BSN: Prior College Credits

Potential nursing students are encouraged to complete college credit courses before admission to Wittenberg University. Completing college credit before admission helps you in many ways. First, you learn what work is required for college courses. Second, "total number of completed college credits" is an important competitive nursing selection criterion. Third, these courses may be at no cost to your family through College Credit Plus or at reasonable cost through a community college. Fourth, completing a few courses in advance allows your academic advisor to shift courses out of semesters when we know you'll be challenged.

High school classes taken for advanced placement may be awarded college credit. In general, a score of four or five on the Advanced Placement Examination is required for AP college credit. Nursing recommends that you take actual college credit courses rather than AP courses. Although AP courses are a wonderful intellectual challenge, achieving college credit for an AP course rests entirely on how you score on the AP test; a one-time event. On the other hand, taking a college course for credit allows you many opportunities over an extended time to accumulate graded assignments.

International Baccalaureate classes can be transferred into Wittenberg for college credit.

Most general education courses can be transferred in for Wittenberg credit. The University Registrar makes final decisions on transfer courses.

Does Wittenberg need official transcripts from other universities?

Yes. While your nursing academic advisor can estimate your progress from unofficial copies – anything printable that shows your name, courses, and grades – the Wittenberg Registrar must receive official transcripts from every university where college credits have been completed in order to transfer in credit. Have official transcripts sent to Office of the Registrar, Wittenberg University, P.O. Box 720, Springfield, OH 45501-0720.

Will my high school arrange for my college transcript to be sent to Wittenberg?

No, your high school counselor will not send your college transcripts. This is your personal responsibility. Look up the college’s website and search for the word “transcripts”.

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