Nursing Program Outcomes

Based upon Florence Nightingale’s contributions, Wittenberg University Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing graduates are educated to provide the highest level of evidence-based, compassionate, patient-centered care. Students bring light to the university, gain light in the process of learning, and carry light forward from the university to serve patients, families, healthcare team members, communities, and global populations. Students fulfill these program outcomes:

  • LEADER: Engages as a professional healthcare leader by analyzing and implementing Quality Improvement initiatives within diverse and changing systems and health care environments.

  • INTERPERSONAL AND INTERPROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATOR: Communicates professionally by using interpersonal skills, informatics and technology to effectively engage with patients, families, communities, and populations, and in inter-professional teamwork and collaboration.

  • GLOBAL ADVOCATE: Advocates for patients, society, and the profession of nursing by applying principles of ethics and social justice in the delivery of culturally competent care.

  • HEALTH PROMOTER: Educates individuals and groups about evidence-based health promotion and disease prevention strategies.

  • THOUGHTFUL PROVIDER OF CARE: Clinically reasons with knowledge grounded in liberal arts and sciences to provide safe, evidence-based, patient-centered care to individuals, families, communities, and populations.

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