Nursing Major & Minor Requirements

There are two ways to complete the Wittenberg Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Individuals who are not yet licensed registered nurses will follow the traditional pre-licensure BSN program. Individuals who are licensed registered nurses will follow the RN-BSN completion program.


Students who are not yet licensed registered nurses will pursue this option, which requires completion of:

RN-BSN Completion

Students who are already registered nurses should pursue this option, which includes completion of:

  • Wittenberg general education requirements
  • 24 credit hours of RN-BSN major courses
  • RN-BSN Courses

Study Abroad, Second Major or Minor

Nursing students who wish to complete studies abroad, a second major, or a minor must notify the director of nursing immediately for assistance with academic planning. Nursing students may elect to complete any minor field of study offered at Wittenberg University. Completing a minor requires 20 additional credit hours of study.

Some examples of popular minors include:

Click here for complete list of Majors and Minors offered at Wittenberg

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