Nursing Frequently Asked Questions

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Should I take AP classes in high school?

We recommend taking actual college courses; e.g., through College Credit Plus (CCP), rather than taking AP classes. Taking actual college courses reduces uncertainty. In order to get college credit for the AP course the student must take the AP course and then score fairly high (4 or 5) on the AP Exam. Many students take AP courses but score 1 or 2 on the exam, so they don't get any college credit. Taking college credit courses through CCP costs the same as taking AP courses (usually $0) but college credit is earned simply by passing the course. A grade of C is required for the college credit to be transferrable, and the Registrar makes final decisions on transfer credit. Even if the family has to pay for a community college course the cost is reasonable. Many community colleges offer online courses so a high school student's school day isn't disrupted. Faculty and staff members in the Department of Nursing are happy to help you find accessible college courses near your hometown.

Should I take college credit courses while in high school?

Yes, it is highly recommended! Taking college credit courses before arriving to Wittenberg is a solid win-win for the student. It helps in four ways: 1) the student learns how to take college courses, 2) college credit classes via College Credit Plus (CCP) are usually at no cost to the family, 3) "total number of completed college credits" is an important competitive Nursing selection criterion, and 4) completion of any Year One required courses in advance helps lighten the student's academic load later during very hard nursing courses. Faculty and staff members in the Department of Nursing are happy to help you find accessible transferrable college courses near your hometown. The two most frequently completed college courses during high school are introductory psychology and introductory sociology. Both are required Year One Nursing courses.

When do pre-nursing students deposit and declare the nursing major?

Potential nursing students must deposit, declare the major, and take the math and language placement tests as early as possible but certainly by May 1 for first consideration and early academic planning. As the spring and summer progress it becomes more difficult to schedule required courses.

When do Nursing students work on academic planning?

Fall semester academic planning for incoming freshmen occurs immediately after depositing and declaring the major, usually early in the spring of high school graduation, because freshmen must complete five specific courses in Year One. The director works with the University Registrar to ensure spaces. As the spring and summer progress, there is less chance of getting the needed courses.

What are the required Year 1 courses?

The five required Wittenberg year one courses are introductory psychology, introductory sociology, statistics, English, and chemistry. We also strongly encourage students to complete their Wittenberg language requirements and some other general education requirements. There are additional requirements to prepare for entry into nursing classes: American Heart Association Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers, a criminal background check, a drug screen, health requirements, and so on.

Can adult students participate in nursing?

Yes, adult students can participate; however the 4-Year BSN is strongly built on a full-time, traditional cohort model so adult students are expected to participate in the cohort.

What is a "registration hold"?

Registration holds prevent your ability to register for the subsequent term and significantly reduce your chances of getting into required courses. Student Accounts can enter a registration hold if you fail to pay tuition or fees on time. The Health Center can enter a registration hold if you fail to submit any part of health requirements. An administrator can enter a registration hold if you haven't completed an administrative requirement. Students can find information about registration holds in > myWitt > Student Academic Info > Registration & Priority Holds.

What is a background check?

Students who are admitted into nursing must complete a criminal records check before starting nursing classes. Both the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations (BCI) background check and Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) background checks are required. The background check results must be received within 120 days of starting clinical. This will be facilitated through the Castle Branch clinical readiness portal. Instructions will be available in the semester prior to your first clinical experience.

What is the best way to complete the BCI/FBI criminal records checks?

This will be facilitated through the Castle Branch clinical readiness portal. Instructions will be available in the semester prior to your first clinical experience.

What is Castle Branch? How do I upload required documents?

Castle Branch is a company that manages clinical readiness documentation for Wittenberg nursing students. In the semester prior to your first clinical experience, you will pay $132 directly to Castle Branch and open an account. Once your account is established, directions are given on how to obtain your state and federal background checks, take a drug test, and upload immunization, health insurance, professional liability insurance, physical examination, and other documents which our clinical agencies require. Your Castle Branch account is a lifetime account.

What if I want to return home in Year 1 Summer?

Several of our students live distant from campus and wish to return home for the summers. The 4-Year BSN plan does not require summer coursework.

Does Wittenberg need official transcripts from other universities?

Yes. Wittenberg must receive official transcripts from every university where college credits have been completed in order to transfer in credit. Have official transcripts sent to: Office of the Registrar, Wittenberg University, PO Box 720, Springfield, OH 45501-0720.

I might want to be a physician (go to medical school), physician's assistant, or occupational therapist. Is nursing the right place to start?

No, the nursing curriculum plan is very different from pre-med, pre-occupational therapy, and pre-physician assistant curriculum plans which are advised through Wittenberg's Pre-Professional Programs.

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