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Themed Living Community

Do you want to get the most out of your residential experience?

A Themed Living Community (TLC) places students together on a floor, or within a house, based on common interests, goals, and lifestyles. As members of a TLC, students have the opportunity to live in close proximity of others sharing a common passion. Although TLC's are optional, they can be a rewarding perk of living in campus housing.


Location: Myers Hall 3rd and 4th

Designed to promote living in a way that is conducive to academic focus and success. Participation in the Honors Program is highly encouraged by all community members. Second floor will be coed with an all gender restroom space. Restricted to students who have at least a 3.5 GPA. Honors Housing is offered to new and returning students through an application process.

Gender Inclusive

Location: New Hall 1st

Gender Inclusive housing is available throughout campus housing; there are also all-gender restrooms designated on New Hall 1st and Polis 2nd. However, the Gender Inclusive TLC on New Hall 1st is designed to be an intentional space welcoming to all gender identities and to foster a safe and respectful community regardless of sex, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation. Students who would like a gender inclusive assignment in spaces other than New Hall 1st should also complete the Gender Inclusive Housing Application as it helps us understand your needs and preferences for housing. Gender Inclusive Housing is offered to new and returning students through an application process.


'Burbs Eligible: 484 Wittenberg (Eco-House)

Eco-Living is an earth-friendly housing alternative that serves as housing for students trying to live a green-conscious lifestyle. Designed for students who want to live in an ecologically-friendly way, including: energy conservation efforts, reducing waste, composting, growing and maintaining a garden, and participation in sustainability efforts on campus. Students will work together to create a living environment committed to becoming a more sustainable community. Eco-Living is offered to new and returning students through an application process.


'Burbs Eligible: 1009 Woodlawn (Campus Ministries House)

Designed to be a diverse and welcoming community for students of all faith practices to experience interfaith conversation and reflection as they explore their own faith journeys. All beliefs and faiths are welcome. InterFaith Housing is offered to returning students through an application process.


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