Biology Clubs & Organizations

American Institute of the Biological Sciences (AIBS)

This organization offers biology students information about graduate programs, internships, and career choices with the goal of encouraging professional development. Members lead field trips and nature hikes in surrounding areas, serve as science fair judges and host the annual Science Wars competition. Members also assist with laboratory projects and community outreach with local middle school students and help to coordinate science programs for the Girl Scouts' annual science night to inspire interest in science at a young age.

  • Membership: Open to any student

Beta Beta Beta (Tri-Beta)

This is a national Biology honor society. This group strives to foster more student interest in research and scholarly activity. Members tutor underclassmen, discuss their ongoing research endeavors, and cosponsor a number of events with the Department of Biology. The goal of this group is to recognize students in the department with superior academic and research records.

  • Membership: Associate status: A student must have completed a minimum of three courses in biology, have an overall grade point average in biology of 3.3 or higher, an overall grade point average of 3.0 or better and be involved with biologically oriented activities. Full status: Same academic requirements but with research experience within the biological sciences.
  • Beta Beta Beta District Convention 2023: click here to learn more and register

Beta Mu Beta (BMB Club)

Students interested in biochemistry and molecular biology explore research opportunities, internships and graduate programs for career development. Members organize seminars with Wittenberg alumni and tours of industries that use biochemistry or molecular biology concepts. Informal meetings provide a relaxed setting for students to gather for discussion of ethical issues and the depiction of science in the media.

  • Membership: Open to any student

Herpetology Club

This club is particularly interested in the behavior and ecology of both amphibians and reptiles. The group typically meets bimonthly and is involved with amphibian and reptile diversity surveys within and around the Springfield area. The club travels to the monthly All Ohio Reptile Show in Columbus, Ohio. The goal of the club is to conduct survey projects on the reptile and amphibians diversity on governmentally run property near the Springfield community.

  • Membership: Open to any student

Pre-Health Club

Students in this group are focused on attaining advanced degrees in a health field, such as medicine, optometry, nursing, or physical therapy.  This group has adopted a local nursing home and annually sponsors projects such as Swim for Diabetes and Relay for Life. Members also participate in the Smile program - a big brother/sister type of letter writing campaign for children hospitalized with cancer. The club has brought the Red Cross to campus to certify members in CPR and First Aid, and is useful for current health issues and conducting mock interviews.

  • Membership: Open to any student

Wittenberg University Speleological Society (WUSS; Caving Club)

This is a chartered, internal organization of the National Speleological Society (NSS). Students in this organization study cave ecology, geology, and utilize GPS and GIS tools. Members have opportunities to join numerous expeditions to wild caves and to create their own research projects. Members routinely visit wild caves in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. Students tent camp, rappel inside and outside the cave system, and explore and survey underground. The club also publishes a journal of cave science, Pholeos, which has an international audience. The goal of this club is to provide direct field opportunities and techniques in ecology and to promote environmental research.

  • Membership: Open to any student. No experience is necessary to join; equipment and training are provided.
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