If you want to change the world, you first have to challenge yourself.

Whether it's jumping out of a comfort zone or connecting seemingly disparate paths, studying abroad or serving others, you'll quickly discover that Wittenberg has an "it" factor all its own. We call it the #WittFactor, and it has helped generations of students achieve personal and professional success.

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In Their Own Words: Hannah Kesig '18

Majors: Spanish and Communication
Hometown: Gahanna, Ohio
Co-Founder: TigerThon, a campus-run and campus-hosted dance marathon that supports the Children's Miracle Network. Now in its third year, the event has brought Wittenberg students together to raise thousands of dollars "For the Kids."

"TigerThon empowers students to be leaders by allowing them to stand up for something they believe in and giving them a chance to be a part of something that makes a difference. No matter how much money we raise, we are always raising awareness for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, and that is just as important. TigerThon also empowers students to be leaders because we give a louder voice and a larger audience for all the kids treated at CMN Hospitals and their families. I think making sure that everyone is heard and recognizes they have a voice is one of the biggest parts of being a leader -- and the students involved with TigerThon do just that! There are so many ways to get involved aside from just attending the main event, and so many students do, and it touches each one differently. Together we are For The Kids, and together we are unstoppable.

"Overall, my involvement at Witt has helped me become more confident in who I am and what I believe in. It has taught me how to stand up for what I believe in. I have learned a lot about working with people and running organizations. I have learned that to get anything done, you need to follow your passions. I think my involvement at Witt has also helped shape me into the person I am today, and I am stronger because of it. It has prepared me to bring all my passions into my future career, and it has inspired me to never stop trying to find the leader in everyone else."

Kesig is keeping her options open, career-wise, but for now, her WittFactor is being developed daily through leadership opportunities.

"Many people see leadership as holding a positional role, but someone's attitude, and willingness to help others is also leadership. So no matter what, leadership is very prevalent in all communities and is very important when it comes to making those communities welcoming, vibrant places for all people. Leadership can take many forms, but we all have it in us."

In Their Own Words: Sabrina Davis '17

Major: Biology/Molecular Biology
Minors: Psychology and Health
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
President: Alpha Phi Omega, a service fraternity that embraces leadership and friendship as it serves the community through the donation of time and effort in support of various organizations and causes.

"Being president has helped me learn a lot about myself and my personality. I think Alpha Phi Omega has also taught me more about responsibility. I am the president of an organization with more than 50 people, and I consider myself responsible for all of the actions that involve Alpha Phi Omega. I hold all of the executive committee members responsible for their positions and tasks, and continue to make sure everyone is upholding their promises. 

"I've also learned a lot about time management. A lot of what I do builds off of previous tasks, so if I don't hold myself accountable, and I fall behind, it can hurt the chapter. My leadership role has helped me with my communication skills. I work on an exec team with 13 other people, and communication is key to making sure everything is getting done on time." 

Davis plans to go to medical school after graduation, and she knows the leadership skills she has already gained will help her tremendously. They will also make her WittFactor stand out.

"Holding a leadership position in general is so important when it comes to preparing for life after college. Being a leader helps teach people about responsibility and accountability. Leading a team and being a role model for others will be important when it comes to daily life, too."

Short Take on Leadership: Zach Hobson '20

Major: Education
Hometown: Ferndale, Mich.
Involvement: Varsity Soccer, Student Leader Fellows, Phi Kappa Psi

In Their Own Words: Stephen Curry '17

Major: English
Minors: Communication and Journalism
Hometown: Westfield, Ind.
Editor-in-Chief, Wittenberg Review of Literature and Art, an annual journal filled with artwork, short stories, photographs, poems, and nonfiction stories, all of which are created by students.  

"I've been a leader for a decent amount of organizations and sports teams in my past, so I came to this presidency with a set of good foundational leadership skills. By being passionate about my organizations, I wanted to go out and tell people about it, get people involved, and ultimately help my organizations thrive.

"By taking on this role, I learned to become a more social individual and branch out so that I can recruit a good executive board but ultimately keep the Witt Review alive so a book will continue to be published."

But running an effective organization at Wittenberg is more than developing that organization; it's about wholeness of person, too.  Curry has a passion for teaching and ultimately wants to become a high school English teacher, so taking on the role of editor-in-chief was a natural fit that reaffirmed his own WittFactor: his love of literature.

"I joined this organization because I'm interested in sharing and reading literature. I think this organization helped me to truly bolster my love for literature.  It's not set up as a teaching experience, but I also get to pass the presidency on to someone else and that can become a valuable teaching experience in itself."

Short Take on Leadership: Kate Hollern '20

Major: Undecided
Hometown: Dublin, Ohio
Involvement: Varsity Soccer, Student Leader Fellows, Delta Gamma

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