Student Senate Committees

Educational Policy Committee

Chair: Faculty-Student Coordinator
Purpose – Discuss concerns related to university academic programming, student/faculty relation, classroom and advising policies, and any other educational policy topic brought to the committee. Reviews the concerns of students and Student Senate to make recommendations to the Provost concerning policies or proposed plans.

Events Committee

Co-Chairs: Student Senate VP & Senior Class President
Purpose – Provide a balanced and diverse range of events that engage students and fosters an inclusive campus culture at Wittenberg University. Support ventures which promote inclusiveness, collaboration, student development and appreciations for the varying strengths and talents of all members of Wittenberg University.

Finance Committee

Chair: Student Senate Treasurer
Purpose - To conduct hearings on the proposed budget requests of recognized student organizations throughout the year to take effect during the following academic year. To submit recommendations for annual organizational budgets for the following year to the Student Senate by the twelfth week of spring semester. To conduct periodic hearings on the proposed events and activity requests of recognized student organizations through the use of Tiger Fund Hearings to efficiently allocate funds to events which will impact campus.

Outreach and Public Relations Committee

Co-Chairs: Student Senate Secretary & Public Relations Senator
Purpose - To maintain channels of communication between the Student Senate and key administrators, faculty, students, organizations, and departments. To help the Student Senate gather information on student, faculty, and administrative opinions concerning issues relevant to Student Senate affairs. To help the Student Senate inform and educate the campus concerning Student Senate programs, activities, issues, and to market Student Senate as an organization. To administer the election of the Student Senators and other elections conducted by the Student Senate.

Student Life Committee

Chair: Student Senate President
Purpose - Address students’ concerns regarding campus and student life and increase Wittenberg spirit and strengthen our collective Wittenberg identity by unifying students from different majors, organizations, and other subsets of Wittenberg University. Discuss issues, plan or assist in planning campus wide initiatives, and improve communication between students and the administration on matters of wellbeing.

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