Witt Late Night

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Witt Late Night (WLN) Program Outcomes

  • Engage all Wittenberg students in activities that serve as models for how to have fun and engage in campus culture, without excessive and high-risk drinking/substances
  • Unite student groups and organizations that might not typically work together to promote collaboration and a sense of community across campus
  • Acknowledge students' abilities to organize themselves around, respond to, and challenge the highly charged issues of partying and drinking and enable their creativity to construct programs that will engage campus as a whole
  • Expose Wittenberg students to activities and experiences that they would not otherwise encounter which challenges their critical thinking and decision making processes
  • Increase health and safety for Wittenberg students

If you have any questions or are interested in sponsoring at WLN event, please email getinvolved@wittenberg.edu

Fall Witt Late Night Events:

  • Saturday, August 26
    • Welcome Back Bash on Alumni Way
  • Saturday, September 16
    • Drag Show in the Center Dining Room
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