Witt Review of Literature and Art

The Wittenberg Review of Literature and Art is an entirely student-run publication that features our peers' best writing and finest art.

We are one of many creative outlets on campus, but we are the only one geared especially toward creative writing and art. Submitting work encourages students to evaluate how their work will appeal to a wider audience.  Interested students may submit any type of creative work in the early months of spring semester. Our anonymous submission evaluation process involves discussion and ranking of each individual piece, giving each writer equal consideration. The literary staff is comprised of a number of students who wish to use their reading and critical thinking skills in a new way. We also work with specific software programs and collaborate with a local printing company. Being a part of the Witt Review staff is a great learning experience and resume booster, to be sure, but it is also a lot of fun. We are given a unique opportunity to evaluate and publish writing such that it becomes a reflection of the strongest work produced by Wittenberg students.

You can reach this organization’s officers by emailing lit-review@wittenberg.edu

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