Organization Volunteer Agreement Form

On behalf of Wittenberg University, I would like to personally thank you for volunteering your time as an advisor or coach at our University. The clubs and organizations cannot be successful without your help and the help of many others who volunteer their time.

In order to volunteer as an advisor or coach at Wittenberg University, you and a member of the Student Involvement staff must complete a Volunteer Agreement Form. The agreement is initiated by the Student Involvement staff, then sent to the volunteer for completion before being sent to Human Resources to run a background check and provide approval for you to serve in your role.

Volunteer Agreement Form

The Volunteer Agreement outlines the purpose and scope of your activities at Wittenberg, and acknowledges your understanding and compliance with policies related to your volunteer role. Depending on the nature of the volunteer activities, you may be expected to complete training modules which will be assigned by Human Resources. Volunteers do not have an employment relationship with the university and will not receive compensation or benefits for your volunteer service. Volunteers may discontinue their service at any time; the university also reserves the right to end a volunteer’s relationship at any time and at its sole discretion.

Additional Information:

Visitor Parking

  • Visitor parking is available on city streets and in designated visitor parking spaces located along the street in front of Recitation Hall, in the lot next to the Student Center and in the Krieg Hall lot at the corner of N. Fountain Ave. & W. Ward St. Visitors are expected to obey parking regulations just as are other members of the university community. Wittenberg is a walking campus and visitors can easily walk from one side of campus to the other in 10 minutes.

  • Parking on campus is monitored by campus police, and although the parking policy is very relaxed during the summer months, the regulations are enforced during the academic year. Visitors are encouraged to drop by Campus Police or the Admission office in Recitation Hall, in order to receive a free "Visitor" parking permit.

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