Teacher Pipeline Project: Inside the Program

Wittenberg and YSEVS will be working collaboratively during the next three years to increase the number of underrepresented teachers employed by YSEVS and the number of underrepresented students enrolled in Wittenberg’s Teacher Education Program (WTEP). Additionally, the funding will provide for training of both WTEP and YSEVS faculty with regard to mentoring students from underrepresented groups.

The new teacher pipeline project embraces mentoring as an initial program entry point for interested Wittenberg students who are considering education as their major. These students would be hired by YSEVS each year as tutors but also assigned a YSEVS mentor. Should these selected students declare education as their intended major and be admitted to WTEP, they would complete their field experience during their junior or senior year at YSEVS. Those WTEP students who are part of the project would then be given preferential interviews for positions at YSEVS upon graduation from Wittenberg.

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