The Stratford Festival

The Stratford Festival takes place every year in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. It is an annual live theatre festival that showcases many of Shakespeare’s works, non-Shakespearian tragedies, as well as modern plays. In recent years, professors of Wittenberg University’s English and Theatre Departments have taken student groups to Stratford for a weekend early in the fall semester. The trip offers Broadway-quality theatre at a very affordable price, and room and board are included in the price of the trip. Students on the 2016 trip will have the opportunity to see such plays as Macbeth, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Hypochondriac, Bunny, All My Sons, As You Like It, and A Little Night Music.

For more information about the Stratford Festival,  to visit their official website.
To read about the Wittenberg Stratford trip experience in the words of English Department alumna Haily Hall ('11), .


Students by the Avon River

The Festival Theatre

The Four Musketeers

Our regular trip to Balzac's before heading home 

Stratford Trip 2015

Stratford Trip 2014

Stratford Trip 2013

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