Writing-Intensive Courses

Note: The following applies only to students enrolled before 2021. For those students beginning in the fall of 2021, or who have switched over to the Connections Curriculum, please visit this page.

At Wittenberg, students must receive credit for six writing-intensive courses in order to graduate. Two of those courses must be in the student's major. Writing-intensive courses are designated by a "W" in the course catalog.

A writing-intensive course includes writing as an integral part of teaching and learning, with class time devoted to the discussion of the writing process and assignments designed to reinforce and develop writing skills. Students in these classes are encouraged to generate preliminary writing (e.g. brainstorming, outlines, early drafts) and are given direction and/or feedback in the process of developing assignments. Students complete a minimum of 4,000 words (approximately 16 pages) in final draft form. This word count serves as a general indicator of the importance of writing in the course and must be balanced by the other qualitative criteria of writing-intensive classes.

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