Writing Requirements

Note: The following applies only to students enrolled before 2021. For those students beginning in the fall of 2021, or who have switched over to the Connections Curriculum, please visit this page.

Each student needs to take English 101 during one of the first two semesters and earn a grade of C- or S, unless that student has received credit for a composition course elsewhere (such as a college-credit plan or another institution) or is exempted by a demonstration of writing competency through national tests, as certified by the Department of English.

Also, all students are required to demonstrate successfully their writing proficiency in six courses designated as writing intensive, at least two of which must be taken as part of the student's major. Failure to demonstrate such proficiency will result in no credit for writing proficiency in that course. A student may earn graduation credit for the course even if writing proficiency is not demonstrated, but the student may not graduate until successful writing proficiency is evinced in six writing-intensive courses. Writing-intensive courses may be used to meet other general education learning goals. Writing-intensive courses are designated with a W or Z in the section number throughout the master schedule of classes published each semester by the Registrar's Office.

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