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Wittenberg University has built a relationship with the people of the African kingdom of Lesotho, thanks to the leadership and expertise of Professor of History Scott Rosenberg, who served in the Peace Corps in Lesotho before joining the university's faculty.

Lesotho Landscape
Hey everyone, today it was raining so it worked out that we had lectures planned for today. During a break in the rain, we saw more snow on the mountaintops in the distance which was cool.
Wittenberg Students At Work in Lesotho
Hi everyone! Today was our last day at the worksites! A few of us stayed behind this morning to take a short hike down to the waterfall behind our grounds.
Lesotho Landscape
Hi everyone! We had another beautiful day in Ramabanta and got lots of work done. One group painted the outside of the community center a beautiful bright blue and outlined all the kids on the walls.
Lesotho Landscape
Lumelang Family and Friends!
Wittenberg Students At Work in Lesotho
I made cement twice again and boy did we need a lot of it. I managed to let the water out both times, but you know it’s a work in progress. We had so many wheel barrel full of sand and rocks to make the ground floor of the house.
Lesotho Landscape
After the long journey from Johannesburg to Ramabanta, the group was prepared to finally begin working. Half of the group sojourned to what has been termed “the worksite,” where we began construction on a house.
Picture with the king
Carnival at Baylor Clinic
Good Shepard Playground
Today some of us were at Good Shepard finishing up our projects from the day before. Good Shepard is a home for teen mothers and their children where they are able to receive education, child care, and much more.
The front of the church in Roma
A group of us went to a local Catholic Church relatively close to the trading post. We were not quite sure what to except when we first arrived - and we realized that we were about half an hour early.
The mountain view we have seen every morning in Ramabanta
Today, we had our first taste of goodbyes on this trip as we spent our last full day in Ramabanta. The whole group had the chance to work on constructing the community center and finishing details on the soup kitchen paintings.
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