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Wittenberg University has built a relationship with the people of the African kingdom of Lesotho, thanks to the leadership and expertise of Professor of History Scott Rosenberg, who served in the Peace Corps in Lesotho before joining the university's faculty.

Today, half of our group finished painting the second school, Lichecheng. The other half continued building up the community center. In the morning, we added two swings and a fire pole to the playground at the community center.
Paintings on the community center
Dumela bo mme and bo ntate,
The progress of building the community center in Ramabanta
After a short drive through the mountains and down a bumpy road, our vans arrived on site at a school in a village.
Wittenberg Students hard at work
Today we began our second week here in Ramabanta. We returned to the village outside our compound to build a community center.
Completed Project
Lumela homies!  Kate Hollern here, I would like to start off todays blog with a huge happy Father's Day!
Completed House in Lesotho
Lumela Bomme le BoNtate, Today marked the end of a productive week, and we have so many things of which we are proud...
Students at Work in Lesotho
Lumela! Today, half our group returned to the work site to continue working on the house, while the other half went back to paint the classrooms at the school.
Students at Work in Lesotho
Today, our group went to St. Anthony Primary School to continue work. It was an enjoyable day of soccer, ball playing, and painting. However, the part of the day that stood out the most to us was our visit to Raboletsi High School.
Students at Work in Lesotho
Lumela from Lesotho! 
Group Photo in Lesotho
Today was the first full day of work at the Habitat site and painting the elementary school. The group was split up into two different teams and we were both at the Habitat site.
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