Business Department Awards Distinguished Honors

The Business Portfolio is a required assessment process for all senior business majors. This assessment has two parts. The physical portfolio includes three to five elements demonstrating the student's ability to apply business theory and concepts to situations drawn from the student's experiences since becoming a business major. The oral assessment that includes a presentation on a management topic of the student's choice followed by questions from the student's team of faculty and manager evaluators.

To obtain distinguished status a student must have an outstanding physical portfolio, followed by an exceptional oral presentation. Students who are candidates for distinguished status from their physical portfolio not only have to present their oral presentation to two faculty members, but also to successful business managers and practitioners. Students' career objectives determine which practitioners judge their presentation. Only students whose represent the highest caliber of work and that truly stand out are given the status of Distinguished.

Congratulations to this year's distinguished presenters!

Senior Portfolio Award Winners


 Distinguished Portfolio Award Honorable Mention
2015Zach Cole2015Chase Beach
 Shannon Inglis Alyssa Delaney
   Beth Hubbard
   Meghan Loofbourrow
   Domenic Luckino
   Carolyn Wong
2014Ashley Brake2014Molly Alderson
 Silas Newcomb Jenna Gentner
 MacKenzie Hopkins Ben Hogenkamp
   Francine Murzynski
   Deanna Mychalishyn
   Steven Newell
   Tyler Visage
2013Erica Cartharn2013Zachary Finke
 Aly Michaud Emily Huffman
 Miranda Pettit Lauren McMahon
   Garth Whitaker
2012Kim Dyer2012 
 Hillary Monnin  
 Aaron Swartz  
 Valarie Vogt  


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