Business Student Learning Goals

The learning goals of the Business major include knowledge, skills, and unique Wittenberg perspectives in the following 5 areas:

  1. Business Knowledge and Analytical Skills: Ability to have the knowledge and the analytical, management, and qualitative skills necessary to advance organizations and improve their performance.
  2. Communication Skills: Ability to communicate effectively in a variety of settings to advance organizational objectives and to meet challenges.
  3. Ethical Perspective: Ability to develop an understanding of business that reflects the moral responsibility of management to all relevant stakeholders and the natural environment.
  4. Global Perspective: Ability to develop a global and multi-cultural perspective on the business enterprise and acquire the leadership skills necessary to be a successful leader in a global organization.
  5. Personal and Professional Development: Ability to become "authors" of their own futures by assuming responsibility for making informed choices about personal and professional development, taking pride in excellence and contributions to their communities, and continuously pursuing skills needed for a career as a business professional.
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