Denise L. Calvert Leadership Award

The Denise L. Calvert Award is given to the senior business major who provides significant leadership to both the department and university, while offering a strong example of dedication to scholarship and the needs of others.

Year    Recipient

2022    Peter Mallory
2021    Deion Woodson
2020    Jack Wolfe
2019    Devon Atchison
2018    Nicole Karavakis
2017    Macy Hubbard
2016    Callan Swaim
2015    Chase Beach
2014    Ben Hogenkamp
2013    Hannes Toewe
2012    Brian Hertzog
2011    Julianne Lininger
2010    Melissa Cederqvist
2009    Katie Barsan
2008    Allison Walker
2006    Brian McCoach
1992    Christina Taylor
1989    Christine Loftus
1988    Stacy Kalail, Laura Faulkner
1987    Heather Zies
1984    Laurie Baxter
1983    Mark Schreck
1982    John Welty
1981    Richard Schmalz

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