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How Does The Online Housing Lottery Process Work?

At important stages in the Housing Lottery process, you will receive messages to your Wittenberg e-mail account confirming details and asking you to take certain actions. It is essential that you check your e-mail frequently. Please note: the Housing Lottery site goes live March 6! Here's how the process works:

  • Students organize into housing groups of 1-5 people according to the size/type of the room/property they want to live in.
  • One student creates a housing group on the system ( and invites the others to join it.
  • Individual students accept or decline their membership.
  • Students clear any holds on their accounts.
  • The primary member creates a rank-order list of the rooms the group prefers to live in, preferencing all of the options in which the group is willing to live. Only the primary member is able to create the preference list, but the other members may view it on the system at any time.
  • If your group does not receive a housing placement in the first round of preferences, you can reconfigure and enter each proceeding round (i.e. if your group wanted a 4 bedroom rental but did not get one, they can split into 2 groups and go through the 2 bedroom rental process; if they still didn't get an assignment, they can go through the residence hall quad and double processes).

We highly recommend that you preference as many housing options & types as possible, as this will increase the likelihood of a match between your preference and specific hall/rental availability and you will avoid having to choose from the remaining open spaces after lottery concludes.

How Will I Know Which Rooms Are Available?

Based on your group size and qualifications to reside in certain halls, the list of available residence hall sections/floors will appear on the housing preference page as you proceed through the lottery process.

Where Can I View Floor Plans And Room Dimensions?

Floor plans of each residence hall are located on the housing lottery website. Click on the residence hall link you wish to view and then click on the floor. Click on the "Room Dimensions" link for a list of all approximate room measurements. You can find more detailed information about the rental properties under the Student Rentals tab on the residence life webpage. Most links include pictures; we are in the process of adding rough floor plans. PLEASE note - floor plans are NOT to scale.

Am I Required to Participate in the Triple Or Quad Lottery?

You are not required to participate in the triple or quad room lottery unless you wish to potentially be assigned to a triple or quad room. Please do not participate in this lottery unless you actually wish to be placed in a triple or quad. Students who do not secure housing in any of the previous housing lotteries are required to participate in the double room lottery.


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