Bayley Music Experience

Made possible through a generous gift from Ruth Kunkel Bayley, Wittenberg class of 1942, the Bayley Music Experience provides summer enrichment for talented school age music students.

Open to school age musicians from throughout the Springfield/ Clark County and beyond communities, participants will enjoy a weeklong series of musical enrichment opportunities taught by professional music instructors, allowing them to gain experience in music fundamentals through musical activities and music reading workshops. “Courtyard Specials” spotlight local musicians who share their talents and the stories of their musical journey with the participants. At the end of the week, the young musicians perform at a special recital open to parents and guests.

About Ruth Kunkel Bayley

As a young person, Ruth longed to learn to play the piano, but due to the Depression, money was scarce and piano lessons were not something her family could afford. As an adult, she gave her money to allow other young people to enjoy musical opportunities regardless of financial need. “I like to think that this academy is in honor of my deceased husband, Bob, as he too was a student at the Wittenberg School of Music,” Bayley said.

2024 Bayley Music Experience

2024 Bayley Music Experience will be held June 10-14 on the Wittenberg campus in Krieg Hall from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Acceptance will be based on the date of receipt of the completed application and fee.

Students will be placed in small groups to receive instruction focusing on refining music reading skills and techniques. Students can enjoy performances by professionals and peers in the courtyard specials mini concerts.

Emphasis will be on various string, percussion, keyboard, wind instruments and the singing voice. Special activities will focus on honing musical skills using a variety of instruments and fun techniques. Students meet together for work on ensemble pieces that will be performed on the last day's recital.

On the BME application, students please indicate your primary instrument(s); years taking lessons (not required); group performance, etc. Students will not be denied admittance for lack of lessons but accepted on willingness to explore, learn and try new musical experiences statement. There will be a limited number of students so submit your application as soon as possible. Admission is based on the date of completed application and receipt of the fee of only $125. (Made possible by the Bayley Scholarship)

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