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Myers Hall

Myers Hall, located at the highest point on campus, is a co-ed facility housing 142 students on five floors, and it is the Honors Hall.

Students have access to the campus computer network from their rooms.

Floors one and three are male, and floors two, four and five are female. A formal lounge with a TV is located on the second floor with study lounges on the third and fourth floors. A computer lounge and vending area with a microwave oven on the first floor. Laundry facilities are located in the lower level.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Myers Hall holds a special place at Wittenberg as it was the first building constructed on campus. Students and faculty helped build the original east wing of the building, which opened in 1846. Work began on the additional wings in 1850 and were completed by December 1851.

An urban legend of Myers Hall involves a horse that haunts the dorm and can be heard galloping in the Hollow behind the dorm. According to the tale, Myers Hall was used as a Civil War hospital to house ill soldiers. As speculated, a general of the war staying in the hospital requested to see his horse before his death. However, after the visit the animal was unable to take the flight down the front stairs and was shot. Since then, the spirit of the animal is said to live on in Myers Hall.

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